Lord Russell Baker Biography Short Film

This film provides a brief intro and biography into the life of Lord Russell Baker, as written in his Autobiography ‘My Way’.

Talking about my Autobiograthey ‘My Way’, which commits my life so far in writing.

It is an honest and very frank retelling of my life so far, a rich array of adventure travelling the World. From diving the Great Barrier Reef in Northeast Australia, living through a 7.4 Earthquake in Acapulco in September 2021, meeting a Mafioso King in Bulgaria in 1990 and flying from Varna to Sofia on his private jet, plus sitting in the Watchman’s Chair in No. 10 Downing Street. Not forgetting of course, all the sporting events I’ve created and promoted in the World of Darts and Snooker; including The World Legends Match-Play Darts Championships 2016, at the EPIC TV Studio’s in Norwich, UK.

My life has been, and remains, a colourful one, full of exploration and adventure.

What will 2024, and beyound, bring to us all? Well, you can read and listen to all my adventures here.

Also available on the Lord Russell YouTube Channel and the Norfolk Lord Website.

You can purchase ‘My Way’ on Amazon in Kindle and Softback media.

I look forward to seeing you all on the inside.

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