What an amazing day at Run Norwich on Sunday 30th August as Team NARS took to the streets to raise much needed funds and awareness for Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS).

Almost 400 people donned the yellow NARS jersey and completed the inaugural Run Norwich 10Km road event and in doing do raised around £40,000 in much needed sponsorship money.


The Run Norwich 10Km event was arranged by Norwich City Community Sports Foundation and this year NARS were fortunate to be named as one of the four official event charities; the charities were NARS, Community Sports Foundation, Help the Aged and Nelsons Journey.

A truly memorable event that NARS are looking forward to participate in again in 2016, and hopefully once again as one of the official nominated charities.

Lord Baker stated, “I never really new what I was taking on when I agreed to carry and hoist the NARS flag aloft for the whole 10Km race. It seemed an easy thing to do, until the run started and it’s then you realise just how much you need you arms to aid the run posture and balance, and of course breathing, all of which were completely out of synchronisation throughout the run. But still happy to complete the run in 0.51 minutes”.

Lord Baker added, “Of course the day wasn’t about getting a fast time or a personal best, it was all about raising the awareness of NARS, which I personally think we succeeded in doing”.

The day was full of many hero’s including one NARS paramedic who ran the complete 10Km in full ‘battle attire’ including rescue helmet, overalls and backpack.

Paul Strutt the NARS Communications Officer also ran the full 10Km, and this after not running more than a few meters in 25 years, so huge congratulations to Paul, we all knew you could do this.

Paul Strutt said, “What an achievement, I keep looking at my medal with pride, and of course the willingness to do this all over again at the 2016 Run Norwich event”.

I think this was a massive day for all the supported charities and individuals that took part, but of course the event organisation was amazing, so huge congratulations to Norwich City Communications Sports Foundation – here’s to next years Run Norwich.

For more information on Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS) –

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