The Beautiful Game with Tom Watt

A fabulous new episode on The World of Lord Russell PodCast Show aptly named ‘A Beautiful Game’ is now available to download and enjoy, starring Tom Watt, aka Lofty Holloway in BBC EastEnders and appearing in many TV films and movies which includes Patriot Games.

A highly successful writer and narrator, writing and presenting documentaries, and the author of ‘A Beautiful Game’ which gained Global sales and recognition. Not forgetting the co-author with David Beckham for David’s Autobiography ‘My Side’.

Available on all PodCast media including; ApplePodCasts, GooglePodcasts, Audible, Spotify, BuzzSprout, Amazon Music, and many more…. including the Norfolk Lord web site

So make sure you download ‘The Beautiful Game’ today. Also available on all Podcast Media Plaforms and the Norfolk Lord Website.

It’s an amazing episode.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the inside.

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