The Magic of Monaco – with Anthony Osmond-Evans

I am please to share ‘The Magic of Monaco’ with Anthony Osmond-Evans on The World of Lord Russell Podcast Talk Show.

A very special show indeed!!

Anthony Osmond-Evans has travelled the world as a writer / photographer / publisher. He is best known for his stunning coffee table books, including China the Beautiful.

Anthony’s books document the history and aesthetic of locations around the world, using his own writing and photography.

Anthony has had several explorations to remote areas, always with an eye to a good photograph. During his time in the Himalayas, Anthomy went to Everest base camp at 17,000 feet and subsequently explored both Tibet and Bhutan.

Anthony also once visited Mother Teresa in Calcutta, by appointment. Anthony was deeply moved by her work and her genuine sincerity. And as Anthony states, ‘It is not often that one is in the presence of a saint. She was petite and hardly came up to my hip. We sat in the sun on the balcony of her sparse, but immaculately clean, room. For some 45 minutes she held my hand between her own two tiny hands and talked to me about the benefits of charity so that she could continue her good works.

Mother Teresa allowed Anthony to take a photograph of her.

Whilst in Southern China, Anthony woke early one morning to find the villagers assembling in the playground near the hotel and in front of them lined up ten prisoners who were to be shot for murder, with placards around their necks denoting their crimes. The families of the prisoners were sent a bill to pay for the cost of the bullet. 10,000 such people were executed in China that year. Anthony’s photo ‘Mort du Matin’ came out all over the world in Paris Match.

Not forgetting a wonderful little story in Monaco with Anthony’s great friend Shirley Bassey when they sung ‘My Way’ together, yes the title of my first book My Way – The Autobiography.

Just a few senational stories we will be talking about on the show, plus a lot more too.

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You lucky folk… You get it all on The World of Lord Russell PodCast Talk Show.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the inside.

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