The Podfather

It’s Good To Talk…

So, as you’ll know from an earlier blog, I’ve started a podcast.

And to think people thought I was ready to slow down a bit now?

OK, so I’m a happy Grandad at the moment. Twice in recent weeks to be precise. Happy. Glorious. Wonderful. Beautiful Grandchildren, adoring Grandfather…

But the slippers and comfortable slacks haven’t come out yet.

I’ve published a book, designed and launched a new website, started a regular blog (if you’re reading it for the first time today, welcome!) as well as a new career (and more on that to come) plus, last month, launched my podcast, which I am running with Vanesha Peach of Peach Revolution.

And believe me, I haven’t even started yet….

It’s been interesting, I have to admit, setting up, planning and recording the pods.

You can’t really practice. Its a case of when you record the first one, it’s also the first time you’ve ever done one-certainly for me but also, in this context, Vanesha.

A case of learning on the job/pod, so to speak.

We’ve recorded three so far. A case of evolution, rather than revolution.

You can listen in to all of them on Spotify, just input Lord Russell Baker into the search field and you’ll find them. I won’t give anything away but, suffice to say, we’ve covered a lot of ground already and I’ve been able to share some stories which I hope you find interesting.

I remember when I worked for Reuters and we were all excited about innovations like the fax machine and telex! And anyone of the ‘right’ age will remember what the early mobile phones looked like, especially those that you had in the car. Very big, very cumbersome and not at all reliable.

We all laugh about it now. But we shouldn’t laugh for too long. Because in or around the year 2042, there’ll be a whole new generation of people, my grandchildren included, who’ll be laughing themselves at how we all thought we had the world at our fingertips with Zoom et al.

Whilst the modern little Notebook this is being written about will probably be regarded as much a museum piece, as we regard the ZX Spectrum and even, dare I say it, Skype now?

The march of technology is extraordinary. We now hear that the US are planning to land people on the moon again by the end of the decade-as are the Russians and Chinese-before they all head off to Mars and beyond.

Extraordinary. I’d like to go myself, I’d enjoy starting up a bar on the Lunar surface and inventing a few moon-related cocktails for thirsty visitors. Well, you never know…

The future site of Lord Russell’s Lunar Bar

I love travelling. That song by Paul Young from a few years…make that decades…ago, called ‘Wherever I Lay My Hat, That’s Home’. I know exactly how he feels because that’s my attitude. I’ve no sooner settled in somewhere or into something and off I want to go again.

I feel exactly that way at the moment. But, wherever I am, and whatever I am doing, I will share it with you here.

Now, about that Lunar Cocktail, what shall we start with……?

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