What it is like to be a Lord in England

Julie Anne Sailsbury interviews Lord Russell Baker about what it is like to be a Lord in England.

An interesting discussion around the differences of being a Manorial Lord and a Peer with a seat in the House of Lords in the UK.

Manorial titles come with a deed of possession/ownership and with 100% incorporeal rights. Also manorial titles are fully inheritable, whereas modern day peers are life peerages and can not be inherited. A true Lord in England.

Some interesting discussion too that includes HRH Princess of Wales (Kate Middleton) and HRH Prince Harry.

Plus of course, talk about The World of Lord Russell Podcast Talk Show, My Way – The Autobiography, sports in general.

Also available on all Podcast Media Plaforms, Lord Russell Baker YouTube Channel and the Norfolk Lord Website.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the inside.

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