It was a fantastic honour to be marketed alongside Pope Francis & the Vatican Museum, Lionel Messi and Rihanna in a list of 13 selected collections of World renowned artist Fabian Perez. The Fabian Perez selected collections marketing piece was released in June 2014 and truly shows the global acclaim that Fabian Perez has as one of the Worlds largest and most charismatic artists around today.

I have admired Fabian’s work for many years and privileged to have his works within my art collection, and having met Fabian on a number of occasions Fabian has very kindly supported the Grand Norfolk Charity Auction in 2014 and 2015 by donating original art pieces, Signed limited edition art pieces and a specially made leather bound Neo-Emotionalism signed book.

Geoff Bird won the Fabian Perez original ‘Tess on a Leather Couch’ in the Grand Norfolk Charity Auction in 2014.

The signed leather bound Neo-Emotionalism signed book is worth around £500 and is one of the fantastic items in the Grand Norfolk Charity Auction in September 2015.

The Grand Norfolk Charity Auction web site is

The Grand Norfolk Charity Auction starts on Saturday 12th September 2015 and ends at midnight on Saturday 26th September 2015. There are already some fantastic donations on the site alongside the donation made by Fabian Perez, which includes a brand new Audi A1 donated by Audi Bury St. Edmunds, holidays in Spain and the UK, Chartered yachts, Balloon flights, a day with The Blades and a new boiler with installation. Lots more to be added yet, so please take a look and sign up today to receive the latest news and be part of this years amazing Grand Norfolk Charity Auction 2015.

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