Lord Russell In Chiang Mai City, North West Thailand

Welcome to my wonderful backdrop, which is where I live, in part, with my Lady during certain times of the year. A fantastic and beautiful part of Northern Thailand, in Huafai Village, Tumbon Numbooloang, just outside Chaing Mai in the Golden Triangle.

When it comes to Chiang Mai itself, it’s a fabulous culture rich, colourful and vibrant City, which I would recommend everyone to visit. A host of exotic and individual Temples to enjoy, and enjoy I have.

It is said that it is very lucky if you visit 11 temples in one day, which I did do with my lady, in October 2022.

This may sound like a hard task, but it truly isn’t, there are an abundance of Temples, and quite literally, next to each other, or on the opposite side of the street.

There is a lot of historical artefacts too, such as the old City walls alongside the canals, that weave themselves through Chiang Mai City.

There is also a plethora of bars and restaurants, and of course the delights of healthy Thai food, the thought of which makes me salivate. Many bars have live music of different cultures and genre, so many a good evening can be enjoyed in Chiang Mai City.

Chiang Mai also has an amazing night market, with individual stalls selling unique and amazing items, you’ll never get through the market without buying something.

Whilst in Chiang Mai, it is also worth visiting the Night Safari, a wonder full experience, particularly if you are like myself, an animal lover.

In December last year, the City council laid on a flower and light show, which was free to everyone to visit, as a gift to the people.

So Thailand is truly the land of smiles, and a country I am proud to call my own, and my second home, which will become my first home in the not to distant future.

Wishing everyone a fabulous 2024, and make sure you all travel the World, and enjoy the differing cultures that each country provides.

Travel truly is the best investment, providing moments of joy, happiness and creating memories that you will have, and share for life.

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I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the Inside.

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